The Vexation of Vampires (Penny White #5)


Penny White is many things to many people. She is both a sister and mother to her younger brother James, the fiancé of her soon-to-be-husband Peter, the mentor of a priest-in-training and vampire, the guardian of a snail shark (yes, you heard correctly), the vicar of an English village, and the continuous romantic conquest of a dragon named Raven.

Life is never boring, especially after Penny returns home from a stay in the magical world to find Raven is ill though he’s not aware of his illness and refuses to think he could be. Her fiancé Peter is all but ready to put a baby in her though it’s not something she wants. Oh, and the government has a special assignment for her considering magical immigration. Hopefully, she’ll find time for tea and a cheese sandwich.

“The Vexation of Vampires” is a high-fantasy novel with tons of comedy, loveable characters, and a bit of romance. Though the book can be read as a stand-alone, some of the events in the novel would have more foundation if one started at the beginning of the series. Still, the world building is phenomenal and the author is extremely skilled in developing distinct character voices. Additionally, Penny is a breath of fresh air to add to one’s bookshelf. She is human and unique in a way many main characters are not. However, the reader might have some trouble distinguishing between characters’ dialogue due to inconsistent use of italics and apostrophes but this was minor. Overall, the reader found this book hard to put down!

Jacey Lee