The Vengeance of Snails (Penny White Book 4)


Penny White is a priest on sabbatical in Caer-grawnt. With her is Clyde, a humble snail shark she fostered since it was a baby. She knows it is special because unlike other snail sharks, it can talk, sing, and fly. The snail sharks are as big as German Shepherds, and have rows of shark teeth hidden in their bellies. They eat dogs and babies. Clyde is much smaller: domesticated, he only eats small animals. While in Caer-grawnt, a group of flying lemurs kidnaps Clyde to parts unknown. It is up to Penny, her fiancé Peter, brother James, the gryphon Morey, and the dragon, Raven, to rescue and bring Clyde home.

“The Vengeance of Snails” is a delightful adventure with a unique array of extraordinary characters, both human and mythical. It is a religious tale full of moral teachings yet at the same time avoids being preachy. “Vengeance” starts slowly and it takes a while for the reader to become enmeshed in this enthralling story. Too much time is taken setting up the premise for the adventure. Several ideas are hard to believe because they go against most popular folklore, such as baptized vampires roosting in the church ceiling. Penny and Clyde are the only characters who have any real depth and emotion in the story. A truly different kind of story, author Chrys Cymri brings to life many varied creatures guaranteed to captivate.

Belinda Wilson