A Vampire’s Unlikely Alliance


Stefan Talltree is a Native American vampire, and a former assassin for the Vampire Council. Nowadays, he spends most of his time as a DJ at a local radio station in Whitefish, Montana. Then, one fateful night changes his entire life when he meets Brandy Shaughnessy, a park ranger. Brandy, however, has a few secrets of her own. When Stefan is reluctant to enter into a relationship because he has had his heart broken before, Brandy is unwilling to give in to her feelings as well. This mutual reluctance leads to a lot of drama and tension between the two of them. 

The core of this story is romance, and the book also offers a look into a fascinating fantasy world crafted by author Tena Stetler, filled with warlocks, demons, witches, vampires, you name it. While the book can be read as a stand-alone, readers might feel more connected to the characters (especially the side characters, who apparently already appeared in earlier books) after having read the previous parts of the series. The insta-love part can also be off-putting for some readers.  All in all, it’s a decent paranormal romance read.

Majanka Verstraete