Spirit Stones


HISTORICAL:  When Sheona MacLeod, daughter of the laird, is a young girl, a spirit approaches her and gives her colorful stones, promising her the gift of communicating with the dead. Years later, a nearby village is raided and she is captured by the enemy. Malcolm MacDonald is the son of the laird and when he captures Sheona, he has no idea she is his enemy’s daughter. Once he knows the truth, he has one choice: arry her before his own cruel father tries to harm her. What started out as revenge against his enemies, soon becomes a passionate love, as Sheona and Malcolm work together to bring peace between their feuding clans before blood is shed. 

This is a steamy love story of enemies turned lovers. The details are vivid and the characters likable. They are determined, passionate, intelligent and resilient! Sheona is given the gift of communicating with the dead in the very beginning of the book, but there was no mention of her encounter with the spirit, the stones, or her gift throughout the book, until the very end, aside from one ghost everyone else can also see. At times, it feels as if characters fluctuate from one extreme emotion to the other with little explanation. Sheona and Malcolm are well matched and their fiery connection is irresistible. The ending is beautiful and powerful, leaving the reader with a sense of awe, captivated by the final twist. From beginning to end, the reader will enjoy this journey with Sheona and Malcolm! 

Dahlia Gosney