Murder By Magic (The Witches of New Moon Beach #6)


Ola Mae Masters never fit in. Orphaned as a child, she was raised unaware that she is a witch.  Suddenly finding her father and a large family is overwhelming. Unfortunately, between opening her own bookstore in New Moon Beach, and dead bodies popping up all over town, adjusting to her new family is a bit more than she is sure she can handle. Fortunately, Fate has a few tricks up her sleeve, and a handsome stranger might be the answer to Ola Mae’s empty heart and the murders, which is important because it seems somehow Ola Mae is next on the killer’s list. 

The sixth book in paranormal cozy mystery “The Witches of New Moon Beach” series, “Murder By Magic” has an interesting premise with a heroine full of punch. Unfortunately, the pace is inconsistent and the action disconcerting. Time skips jerk the reader from one thing to another, and everything is told instead of shown, making the book feel like a big info dump. Further, the romance falls flat, with a promising burst of lust and tinge of destiny that never pans out. Still the plot does stay together with the hunt for magic crystals driving the villain, and the side characters from previous books make the world interesting. Overall, readers should start from the first book to make the most of this series.

Sarah E Bradley