At Midnight

Lainee Cole, Lynn Crandall,
Rena Kootnz

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Midnight is the spark that lights this romance anthology, featuring two contemporary love stories and one paranormal romance, where everything from business, shapeshifting and kidnapping, all occur at midnight. 

“Midnight Casanova” by Lainee Cole: Dog trainer Maddie Lockhart must  convince Chance to risk a business deal in order to save his farm. Will she be able to do it despite the odds? 

“Two Days Until Midnight” by Lynn Crandall: Lark Ellis' billionaire boss has a secret — and bears a curse that could end his life. Can she help him make it past midnight, especially when she holds a secret of her own? 

“Midnight Deadline” by Rena Koontz: A.J. must solve a mystery and the kidnapping of Tobias, her old flame. She discovers that things aren’t always what they seem, and that her old feelings for Tobias and her current love for Luke will become clear by midnight.

While all three novellas use midnight as a focal point, that is where the similarities end. These very different tales will entertain fans of all genres. Some issues common to novellas are here: relationships seeming to progress too quickly, too many details for the length of the story, but they are easily overlooked. Each tale has enough emotional impact to delight the reader, with fully developed characters and interesting plot twists. 

Roslynn Ernst