The Marriage of Gryphons (Penny White #3)


Penny and her friends have to complete three tasks. If they succeed, her friend Morey will be allowed to marry his love, Taryn. While struggling through the trials, the characters also deal with deeper social issues that concern them and the people around them, such as political corruption and sexual orientation. 

Penny White is an interesting character, filled with a lot of inner turmoil and conflict. In essence, she is a good person and honestly wants to do good, even if it doesn’t always work out the way she intends to. The secondary characters are even more interesting. There’s Clyde, a snail shark who communicates using song lyrics. She has a relationship with a dragon, and she even has a Gryphon friend. The cast of characters is diverse to say the least, and very unique. Penny is also the priest of a small village church, with all the responsibility that comes with it. 

Penny is put in danger more by those around her than her own actions, but she takes it all in stride. The adventure is amazing, and very imaginative. The writing is top-notch and easily persuades the reader to keep going and finish this book in one go. Entertaining and fast moving, "The Marriage of Gryphons" is a must-read for fantasy fans!

Majanka Verstraete