Magic and Mayhem: Witchin’ a Ride (Kindle Worlds Novella)


Ella is a witch with a smart mouth that gets her in trouble more often than not.  Unadvisedly, she tells Baba Yaga, the most powerful witch in the world, that she won’t obey orders to date a shifter. She then adds that Baba’s flamboyant and beloved wardrobe is ghastly. Bad idea. After a year of being stripped of her powers and exiled to live with mortals, Ella is ready to go home. She and her loyal cat, Doyle (who turns out to be more than he seems) head for Hemlock Hallow, Kentucky.  At least, they try to head there. Ella has no sense of direction, a car that barely runs and no magic to help her.  As one obstacle after another pops up, this sarcastic, foul-mouthed witch finds new strength — and perhaps love — in very unexpected places.

“Witchin’ a Ride” is a wild and humorous ride where anything goes.  With one foot in the magical world and one in the human, Ella’s non-stop, ribald and unique inner commentary will have the reader laughing, as will her relationship with her snarky cat. When her unexpected lover appears, there is plenty of sizzle and humor to go around. Cleverly written, and full of action, this short novella really packs a big punch in a small space. Occasionally Ella’s colorful and idiosyncratic cursing detracts from the action when the plot gets sticky. But that aside, the reader will no doubt be left wishing the story had gone on longer or that Ella might come to life again in a sequel.

Marc Joseph