Lure of the Wolf (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart #2)


Nina has no idea how she washed up on the beach at Koa Point. Vague a struggle, a blow to the head and being thrown overboard are all she has to work with Boone, a wolf shifter who owns the estate, discovers her and immediately his protective streak kicks in. He wants to forget and never be involved with another woman. Boone’s teammates want the “human” gone, believing her to be nothing but trouble, but Boone is furiously protective. Will paradise be able to save them both?

Ms. Lowe does an amazing job capturing her readers' attention from the beginning and keeping it all the way through.  The plot has several twists throughout that keep one turning the pages. Nina’s struggle to regain her memory is played against Boone’s inner turmoil after involving himself with a woman.  The originality of this story is in the mating bite and how the various shifters' living arrangements are mixed together.  "Lure of the Wolf" is written to stand alone, but some of the supporting characters have a mystery to them that distracts from the story, so readers might want to read the first in the series. The leader in particular, Silas, is a powerful dragon and they have a respectful fear of him, but the story does not show this.  A compelling story from beginning to end!

 Laura Dinsdale