Love of the Dragon (Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart #5)


Everyone is looking for one thing: the fifth and final Spirit Stone, which will make the collection complete—Silas Llewellyn, sexy, reserved dragon shifter; Drax, a dragon lord and mortal enemy of Silas; Moira, current dragon-shifter girlfriend of Drax, and Silas’ ex-girlfriend; Cassandra, rightful owner of the large diamond, sassy and independent, newly turned ‘witch’ and Silas’ fated one. They all come together at an auction in New York where the stakes are high for the bid of the coveted diamond Spirit Stone. The bidding is interrupted by Cassandra, who was taught by her deceased aunt how dangerous it would be for the Spirit Stone to land in the wrong hands—those of the dragon shifter race. Silas whisks Cassandra away to his lavish estate in Hawaii to protect her and the hidden Spirit Stone as romance blossoms and danger threatens. 

"Love of the Dragon" is a story that starts off with a bang and ends in a beautiful HEA, certain to soften even the toughest critic’s hearts! Book five is a stand-alone that does not require reading the previous four installments in the series. While this story is fun, intriguing, and full of romance, it lacks any real wow factor. If the author were to delve a bit deeper into the story, the rating may be closer to four stars, but Ms. Lowe does a fabulous job of creating fully developed characters with a well-paced plot. The editing was noticeably good, but the story would read a little better with a final proofread. A charming tale by Anna Lowe!

Tiffany Landers