King of Khoth (Book 12)

Brenda Trim,
Tami Julka

Angus Callanach has found the love of his life, Keira, after a millennia of searching on Earth.  Once he manages to get her away from her captor, Cyril the Unseelie King, he returns to his home realm.  Keira has no memory of anything before she woke up in a cave with Cyril; she trusts no one. She is discovering who she is supposed to be according to what others are telling her, but she feels no connection to any of it.  Angus takes chances to show her his feelings and hopes to jog her memory. It erupts into amazing heated moments in time for them both. Keira cannot deny that trust is beginning to build with Angus, until Cyril comes back unexpectedly.

The fantasy world is creative, beautiful and a marvel of nature! Keira's inner struggles are drawn out with a mix of anger, love, confusion and purpose to see her character make a full circle of growth.  Angus is a fascinating character with the many hats he wears throughout the story.  The danger and risk as the conflict unfolds into tense moments stays within the story's overall bones.  Cyril is the one character that does not have depth or growth — the reader is simply told he is the villain.  There are other characters written to continue the story in another book, while they play a small role in this story it can take the reader out of the story some. The love, heat and sarcastic banter of Keira and Angus provides a solid connection for the story to sail.  A good fantasy read!

Laura Dinsdale