The Hunters' Fate


The Roma have wandered the world for so long that people have forgotten they ever did anything else. Hunted by werewolves, the Roma wander and hide, hoping for an end to the curse but unaware of how it began. Elysia might be able to end the curse, and save not only her family but her love as well. But the Hunters are coming, and in order to understand the curse, she will have to remember her past life as Thera the Roma princess. Unsure of who to trust and scared to lose anyone else, it is time to uncover the truth, before the Hunters destroy them all.

The second book in “The Roaming Curse” series, “The Hunters’ Fate” picks up where the first book left off, and is full of action and tension. With a complex cast, and intriguing plot line, the story is set up to draw in lovers of paranormal. However, the romances with the two different boys do not really make sense, seeming to tip one way then the next without development. In addition, Elysia’s maturity tends to swing to young teenager at times. Further, Colin’s actions are never really explained. Still, the original plot idea is worth a look, and the Roma gifts are fun to explore. Overall, lovers of YA paranormal will find this series intriguing. 

Sarah E Bradley