The Devil’s Pride (Wild Beasts #1)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Alexia “Lex” Martinez dreams of a mysterious man known only as Midnight. When she meets Devon Waters, he seems familiar — could he be the Midnight man in her dreams? Alexia feels as if she knows him, but he can’t seem to stand being around her.  Devon believes that Alexia is evil, a hated Skrom. A bear shifter, Devon belongs to a clan that fights the shadows, which are ruled by the Skrom. As Devon and Alexia become closer, she learns the truth about herself.  Even as they fight their attraction to one another, can Alexia and Devon stop the shadows before it’s too late?

Alexia is a shy unassuming heroine, but her outside appearance really hides a steely demeanor and inner strength. Her insecurities make her relatable to readers and despite the mysteries surrounding her, she is an easy character to like. Devon is not a very nice guy in the beginning, which will turn some readers off. The physical attraction between the two is there, but it is hard to feel any connection to him. Yes, he’s a hero and does prove that he is a good one to like later on, but there is still the possibility that he could turn on Alexia.  "The Devil's Pride" is an exciting read filled with shifters, magic, suspense and romance that any urban fantasy or paranormal romance reader will enjoy.

Roslynn Ernst