Call of the Morrigú


HISTORICAL:  Theodosia Latimer and her grandfather Reginald are determined to excavate an ancient mound located on their estate and discover its secrets. When the dust settles in the cave they have unearthed, they are shocked to discover a centuries-old warrior goddess named Morrigú. In order to protect the goddess, Theodosia and Reginald take her back to their home. There, they attempt to teach her about the modern world, and how to behave in polite society. Morrigú is having none of it. She is a warrior, and determined to help the Irish people defeat the English and reclaim their land. Morrigú teaches the soldiers how to fight as  she regains her power. Will she be able to lead the Irish into battle, or will their efforts fail to win the day?

Christy Nicholas’s “Call of the Morrigú” is an interesting and exciting story, and readers will be swept away by  the characters and plot twists. The story is  original and readers will fall in love with some characters and detest  others, just as the author intended. “Call of the Morrigú” is a fast-paced and rousing story, but in several places, the story seems to be bogged down with descriptions. There are also places where the story is confusing and unclear. There are also grammatical errors throughout the story, which might prove bothersome to readers. “Call of the Morrigú” is a wonderful story for fans of  Mythology and Folk Tale novels to enjoy, and eagerly await the  next installment.

Mary-Nancy Smith