The Architect (Epitaph Book 4)


Kathleen McCormick is close to her dream of buying her own house. She just needs to get through this latest project in the New Orleans Garden District. Her only problem is that she will have to keep her temper under control. The manager's last associate was fired and Kathleen is determined that won't happen to her. Sebastian Brooks is lining up all his ducks. He is working his way for a better promotion and contemplating engagement to a socialite, but he feels as though something is missing. When they begin work on the project, a ghost decides to get Kathleen and Sebastian together, but with a non-fraternization policy, it could cost them their jobs. Will they make the call?

Karla Brandenburg's Epitaph series brings “The Architect”, a fun read that brings together two very hardheaded characters. There are many aspects of this book that readers will enjoy. The pace moves evenly, the characters are well described and the setting is well known and has a paranormal feel to it. What takes away from the book are some of the descriptions the writer uses throughout the book, they bring the book to a dead stop and it is difficult to get back into the flow. This book is an enjoyable read and will keep readers entertained. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick