Witches Among Us: The Fourth Spookie Town Murder Mystery (Spookie Town Murder Mysteries Book 4)

Kathryn Meyer

Myrtle, Frank, and Abigail are back in action in the fourth installment of the Spookie Town Murder Mysteries. This time, the mystery comes at a cost that has Myrtle running scared. When Myrtle’s sister Evelyn goes missing, Myrtle is convinced that a coven of witches from her past has kidnapped her —maybe even killed her —  because Myrtle stole their Grimoire over sixty years ago. A new member of the search team appears in the form of a psychic recently moved to Spookie. When the psychic tries to convince the trio of sleuths that she can be of assistance, the group begins to wonder whose side she is really on. Will they be able to defeat the witches, or will the witches ultimately bring death and destruction to Spookie?

“Witches Among Us” is not a stand-alone book. The series must be read in the correct order. If not, readers will be unable to follow the characters or appreciate what each one brings to the story. Kathryn Meyer Griffith has created a whole town full of characters that are easy to get to know, and real enough to be anyone’s next-door neighbor. The setting, premise, and descriptions are curious but readers will find something to enjoy about the story. The biggest problems are the poor grammar and the narrative, which is simplistic, lacking depth and color. With a little editing and revisions of the sentence structure and narrative, “Witches Among Us” could be a wonderful story for readers to fancy.

Mary-Nancy Smith