On Edge


An American military Colonel is killed in Kabul, Afghanistan, and the suspected killer is a liaison with the Afghan military.  The number of “Green on Blue” (Afghan vs. American) murders is on the rise in the area, and a mysterious member of the American government wants this particular shooting investigated further. Alex Klear is tasked with investigating the crime, just weeks before his wedding.  Alex is not the ideal choice for the assignment, but he is available and has history with the victim.  

Military suspense readers will thoroughly enjoy this book!  Mr. Ashforth’s military experience is evident throughout the story and the reader will enjoy his take on the current state of American military affairs. The plot line is very much in keeping with current military trends, and could easily be the next Washington Post or New York Times front page headline.  Sadly, this is a drawback to the book, as American readers are inundated with these ideas throughout headline news and works of fiction. Still, the writing is top-notch and the suspense palpable as Mr. Ashforth is able to put his own spin on this tale of military intrigue and world politics, which will impress and captivate readers of this genre!

Michael Sawyer