A Harmony For Steve (Song of Suspense #4)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Harmony Harper is a Christian singing sensation who feels called by God to spread His message through pop music. Unfortunately, this draws her into a scandal when she bumps into the lead singer of the hard rock band Abbadon, Steve Slayer. Steve’s body is failing him after years of addictions. Determined to quit killing himself Steve takes off and hides out in a cabin to detoxify. The last thing he expects is help in the form of a Christian singer during a trip into town for supplies. Unable to resist helping Steve in his time of need, Harmony finds herself falling for the man behind Abbadon’s mask. As their relationship grows, Harmony finds herself on the receiving end of threats from a group of Satan worshipers. Can Steve turn his life around and accept God’s presence, or will those using Abbadon manage to destroy them both?


A Christian contemporary novel, “A Harmony for Steve” is the fourth book in the “Songs of Suspense” series. Although the novel can be read as a standalone, readers will enjoy it more having read the series in order. Lovers of Christian romance will particularly enjoy this story as the tension is high, the romance full of clean sparks, and the conflict between the Satanists and the main characters is full of eerie elements.  Despite the sometimes-slow pace and convenient plot solutions, the romance will suck the reader in while balancing well with the message of redemption. Overall, with a strong romance, readers will eagerly await future additions to this series.


Sarah E. Bradley