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Civil Hearts

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Liv Larson is left devastated when her husband dies after a long battle with cancer. With no family and no real friends to rely on, she decides to pack up her life in search of a new place to call home. That place is Belle Bride, an abandoned mansion in the rural South. There she meets Heath Barrow, an antique store manager with epilepsy who has his own woes caused by love.

TECHNO THRILLER:  When multiple computer systems around the world are infected with something called “The Ghost Code”, chaos ensues as an unknown hacker gains control over their systems. Created by the mysterious Mephisto and Callisto, the code is almost impossible to trace or remove. 

Apollo’s Raven (Apollo's Raven #1)
Linnea Tanner,
Narrator: Kristin James

FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Celtic kings are warring with one another. When the former queen of one those kings is executed for treason, she puts a curse on his reign that will be the undoing of his kingdom. Catrin, the daughter of this king, has been declared the vessel to bring about this disaster. In her visions, she sees a chance to change the future, but at what cost?

The Bedwarmer’s Son
Caryl McAdoo,
Narrator: Lee Ann Howlett

INSPIRATIONAL/HISTORICAL:  “The Bedwarmer’s Son” is a Christian romance novel that spans decades of time. It begins in jail, where William, an ex-slave, is being held for the murder of his half-brother. As he gives his lawyer the history of his family, he also tells the story of his mother Jasmine, an ex-slave purchased long ago to warm the bed of her master at night, and ease his loneliness.

Murder Will Out

Tom Logan is pulled into a murder mystery of a previous coworker who has also been a loyal friend. It is not easy to track all involved, but Tom is determined to find out what happened and help to keep others safe. In 1930’s Los Angeles the days are warm and the criminals are looking for any way to move around the law.