Rodrick the Bold


Rodrick is being tormented by nightmares of a young maiden pleading for his help. Night after night, he ignores these terrorizing dreams but realizing it’s his former friend’s sister, he jumps into action- only know she needs him but not where to find her or help her once he’s there. Fergus MacDonald, who sexually tortures her every day and breaks her to the point of wanting to be dead, is holding Muriel captive. Rodrick is able to come to her aide when she is sold to a ship’s captain and whisks her away to his clan’s keep. Eventually marrying her with a fierce promise to protect her but Fergus has other plans for the girl that escaped.

This book is a secret time machine waiting to transport its readers to 1530 Scotland with its realistic characters and descriptive scenery. The people and emotions are written so clearly as to make one almost suspect it is non-fiction, though some of the Scottish cadences are off and not written with an accent in areas. It is authentic in regards to the harsh emotions that come from sexual abuse, but also shows the reality of healing. This is one story that is likely to have all the young ladies flocking to the Highlands with hopes of finding their own muscular, Scottish warrior.

Yannie Sorensen