My Reckless Love (Highland Loves, Book 1)


Lady Arabella de Percy must flee her home when her brother is killed, and the holding is taken over by a ruthless and ambitious knight.  Her escape attempt leads her right into the arms of Scottish Laird, Calum MacGregor, sent by her uncle to rescue Arabella.  Calum is only looking to repay a debt of honor, not gain a new bride, but he’s captivated by Arabella at first glance.  Arabella should be afraid of the scarred, daunting highlander—instead she’s drawn to him.  In the process of saving Arabella, Calum might end up losing his own carefully guarded heart.

“My Reckless Love” is the kind of book that hopeless romantics with a yen for Highland romance will love.  Arabella and Calum have strong and appealing chemistry together--both characters that readers will love.  Arabella is a woman of her time in the best way, strong and intelligent, not merely a victim of circumstances, but a character with agency and resourcefulness. Calum is absolutely dreamy, a rugged, attractive warrior with a soft heart, loyalty and a capacity for deep and sacrificial love for others, although he thinks his scars are repulsive to women. Together, they are magic. Along with excellent lead characters, a host of fully developed secondary characters flesh out the novel.  The villain is hatefully evil, yet no cardboard cutout. Descriptions of life in the 13th Century Scottish Highlands, exciting adventure, and fiery love scenes make “My Reckless Love” a highly recommended historical romance read! 

Danielle Hill