It Started With a Whisper

Dawn Brower, Amanda Mariel, Deb Marlowe,
Christina McKnight, Erica Monroe, Ava Stone

“It Started With a Whisper” is a collection of six clean regency romances revolving around the scandal sheet reportings of one mysterious “Lady X”. Even an innocent kiss or a most private ungentlemanly wager are not too small or discreet to escape the notice of Lady X. Every chapter of every novella starts off with the latest gossip from the lady, often times most unwelcome and disruptive to the lives of the multiple heroes or heroines as they try to navigate through scandal and avoid ruination in one way or another, all while seeking their happily ever after. Whether you are recently widowed, a fortune hunter, an heiress, or a foreign lady seeking a new life, nobody is safe from the observations of Lady X… not even herself. 

Scandal, ruin, gossip, love, and the haute ton, these six short Regency romance novels have everything you would expect to find in your favorite stories. The authors are clearly seasoned Regency writers, describing the dress, period, and expectations of society very well. Each story is unique and filled with wit, humor, and scandal, but as always, lovable characters that a reader will enjoy. Lady X has her eyes open, and it seems every small move made is reported in the gossip columns the following day. One of the stories even has more information about the mysterious lady's identity, which readers will find intriguing. Being short stories, there was room for more development and expansion in several of them, and a few times the stories end before the reader is ready for them to be over. However, perhaps that is the sign of a delightful story. Overall, these were well told and entertaining for any regency romance reader!

Dahlia Gosney