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FANTASY/HISTORICAL:  Catrin is the victim of a curse. On the day her father’s former queen was executed, she put a curse on the king’s future heirs. She prophesized that his own children and a foreign enemy would destroy him: the Raven, the Blood Wolf, and a mighty empire.

Bryce “Ripper” Knight is a man  used to getting what he wants, doing as he pleases and having no questions asked. That was the case at least, until he met Em, and then nothing was ever the same. She was a woman used to the biker lifestyle, a woman not afraid to stand up on her own two feet.

Alice Worth is a supernatural private investigator with a past—one she would sometimes prefer to forget. There are other ways of forgetting the past and in Alice's case it is whisky.. However, the alcohol has to be put to the side—kind of—when prostitutes start going missing in her city.

Devi has a simple life. Simple but enjoyable, though of late she has been plagued by an unsolicited suitor and an odd desire for something more, something new. The youngest of four sisters, Devi’s identity is completely wrapped up in the Hemstreet name. Yet she begins to wonder who she really is, separate from her family, and if she will ever find her own happiness in life.

The Rocking Horse
Gloria Zachgo,
Narrator: Katie Otten

MYSTERY:  Twenty-two years ago, devastation hit Shady Creek, Kansas when Jenny Preston went missing on the same night her family was brutally murdered. For years, her grandparents have had to learn how to cope such a tragic loss, and Sheriff Will Barclay has had to live with the guilt of never being able to solve the case.