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Dickensen Academy

FANTASY:  Autumn is overjoyed at her acceptance to the prestigious Dickensen Academy for her creative writing. Going to boarding school means she will get out from under her father’s forceful, and somewhat controlling, thumb and discover herself. She is led to believe the school focuses on the arts, which it does — but not in the way she has been thinking it would.

Despite being beautiful and the Duke’s daughter, Lady Helena Carter, is a verifiable wallflower, is still unwed. No matter how much time passes in the season or how many balls Helena attends, her enjoyment is nearly always killed by Lord Oliver Hunt, the Marquess of Dashville. In the past, Oliver was rude to Helena, who secretly liked him.

Mary Brock

SCI-FI:  In Jacquel des Trurains’ home planet of Hathe, freedom reigns, but all Jacquel sees is war. Jacquel isn't willing, though, to give up this freedom. He agrees to handpick a select few to maintain it, which includes the outsider and moonie Rheia asn Postrova..

Veins of Gold
Charlie N.

FANTASY:  Gentry Abrams has lived in Utah quite happily until her father leaves everything behind to head to California to mine for gold. Gentry is unsure what will happen with her family, but her brother, Rooster, does have a job, and Gentry has good friends willing to help out. As Gentry waits for her father to send money to help the family, strange things keep happening.

A Duel for Christmas
Rosanne E.

Lady Maud Worlington was expecting a quiet family Christmas Eve dinner, but her brother changed that by announcing his engagement to Helena. Maud wasn’t excited to meet Helena or her brother, the Duke of Tilbury, Geoffrey Angiers. When she does, not only is she surprised that he is the guardian of Helena but how young he truly is.