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PARANORMAL:  During a visit to her father’s grave, Elise Shannon meets a strange man in the small cemetery.  Thinking he is likewise bereaved, she befriends him and brings him back to town.  However, it is soon clear that the man is not grieving for a deceased parent, but is looking for the mother he hasn’t seen since his father, Mer-King of Atlantis, snatched him and took him beneath the waves

Five years ago, Ilsa Pedersen was an orphan working as a maid in the home of the Whitacres of Vancouver, Canada.  While not a happy home, Ilsa found happiness in her friendship with Theo, the only child of the wealthy Whitacres.  Her happiness is short-lived when she is tossed out after being found in a compromising position in Theo’s bed.  Putting her shame and heartbreak behind her, she has m

Valentina Caponelli fled Chicago for a new life in Wisconsin to escape the clutches of her Mafia family. She joins her brother and his new wife in the small town of Lake Genoa hoping to find the same happiness as the newlywed couple. Ryan Donovan is a by-the-book cop in the small town. They share a past with some powerful unresolved feelings.

SCI-FI: “Integrity” is a collection of three novellas revolving around the Sinclair Family who are an imperial family of scientists controlling a space travel technology known as ‘Stargate’.

Ben Swain is having trouble with his inner wolf — in a literal sense.  The shape shifter’s animal side is desperate for a mate and the intensity of his animal needs threaten to subsume his human side.  When he meets a young waitress named Alex Cavanaugh, his animal instincts tell him that he has met his mate. Alex however needs some convincing.