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Garrett Stephens has dreamed of playing on the pro golf tour since college.  Always a popular athlete, he has lived the playboy lifestyle all his life.  The chase has always been his goal and after sampling the goods, he loses interest.  Charlotte Windham has always pushed herself to strive for something greater, and she is now a bestselling author.

HISTORICAL:  After the death of her father, Sarah Shipton returns to work at the family bookshop. She loves to help all those who come to the shop select their books — even customers like Andrew Elliot, Earl of Hartland. When her mother divulges the extent of their financial ruin she is shocked.

Lady Clara Masson has loved Andrew Macalister, the Duke of Bradstone, since she was ten. Her brother Jonathon, the Earl of Morton, hates Andrew with a vengeance and risking her brother’s wrath, she sneaks out of her brother’s home to attend the Duke’s family birthday ball. Her punishment is much worse than expected.

REGENCY:  Crippled and confined to a life in a wheelchair, Dora Mosier is forced by her mother to earn her keep or be turned out to starve. Dora decides to write letters to wounded Civil War veterans. Wanting to be someone sophisticated, she reinvents herself as Philomena Parks, a robust, well to do woman. She writes to former Union Captain Allon Banks.

HISTORICAL:  Captain Lord Jason Peyton has no idea he is being spied upon by the Kinsey sisters, Diana and Helen. As he watches for his informant to make an appearance, so do the girls watch Lord Peyton — and he is the subject of much discussion.  Without hesitation, Diana remarks how handsome he is. Helen, the elder sister, is reluctant to say much.