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He is the eldest son and estranged heir of the Earl of Wolverhampton, who is now a renowned pirate who hides his title behind his adopted name, Lucifer.

When Jack Billabard loses his wife in childbirth, he makes a vow there will never be another. He buries himself in work as a trail guide on the Oregon Trail, but he cannot outrun his grief and guilt over his wife’s death. When Sarah’s abusive, drunken husband gets himself killed, she doesn’t have many options. A widow with a small boy, her only hope is to become a mail-order bride.

Shrouds of Darkness (Brooklyn Shadows Book 1)
Brock E. Deskins,
Narrator: Steven Jay Cohen

PARANORMAL/NOIR:  Brooklyn, New York: an accountant goes missing - one who just happens to be a supernatural creature. As bodies begin to pile up, the connection between them and the missing accountant are no longer a coincidence. Enter Leo Malone, vampire, and freelance hit man, bodyguard, and detective...if the price is right.

Grace Kingsley is trapped in her guardian's home — a guardian who is hell-bent on marrying her to someone even more sinister than he. She falls into the arms of Charley Everly at a ball, who then helps her plan her escape. Everly is looking for a Spanish lady that can help him find a spy. The more he gets to know Grace the more he suspects she is the one he has been looking for all along.

Valentin Vermeulen UN fraud investigator is on a new case in Maputo, Mozambique. His current case involves a small organization that looks like it has misappropriated millions. Upon further inspection, it seems like the institution is innocent and is pointing in the direction of a more substantial corporation that has something to hide.