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Kensington Pope has been shipped off to her aunt's ranch in Wyoming for the summer by her New York socialite parents after getting into trouble at home.

The Hidden Truth

INSPIRATIONAL:  While out running one afternoon Clara is struck by lightning.  Although she is not injured, she begins to have odd dreams of a different world with a perfect environment.  These dreams cause Clara to look into the New Nature lab, and its experiments on DNA changing and genetically modifying food.  She enlists the help of her fellow Science Club members, including her boyfriend B

Undercover in Jenns Cove

A corrupt corporation in the small Northern California coastal town of Jenns Cove catches the attention of the Justice Department.  Jake Weston needs a project site for Ecosystem Services Institute, so when he is assigned to work undercover in Jenns Cove, he sees a chance to pull double duty.

It was a summer love affair that ended abruptly, leaving Adrianna bearing the brunt of the consequences and the heartache all alone — until fate and destiny stage an intervention.  Cameron Blake returns home on the heels of his successful sports career, and immediately upends Adrianna’s carefully constructed life.

The Dead Still Here

“The Dead Still Here” is a powerful, eloquent collection of short stories.