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It’s 1614 A.D. on the Isle of Skye in the Sea of Hebrides. Lady Kyla MacKeegan, also known as Captain Lion because of her long red hair, sets sail for the Lowlands to return a guest of her father’s. It’s not long before it’s clear Laird Corbin Lochwood is not at all honorable.

Set in Bear Grass Springs, Montana in June 1885, this book begins with the wedding of Alistair MacKinnon and his bride Leticia Browne. The MacKinnon clan is a close-knit Scottish family consisting of three brothers and one sister who emigrated from the Isle of Skye ten years prior.

Chaos at Coconuts

Set in Crystal City, Missouri, “Chaos at Coconuts” revolves around an ensemble cast of three best friends since high school: Alex, the Banker; Suzy, the Wedding Planner; and Hope, the school counselor while introducing a new member to their group of friends, Cheri Van Buren.

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to meet their favorite popstar idol? In the town of Blue Arbor, seventeen-year-old Cecily Damore gets that chance. Her popstar crush, Andrew Holiday, wants her in his next music video. Cecily’s boyfriend, Zach Reynolds, appears to be okay with it, at first.

Amy’s job is that of a healer. Humans are okay, but supernatural creatures are what give her the true joy in her life.  She healed Rowan, a leshy, and he left her to pursue his destiny. When she is cursed to die, however, he storms back into her life to try to save her.  Something unnatural is coming, with a power that neither of them can understand or control.