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Red, White, and Screwed

WOMEN'S FICTION:  Glenda Nelson is a political strategist with a breaking scandal on her plate - her married Congressional candidate was recently caught having an affair. She now has to try to save the campaign while others are using the story for their own gain.  G

A Demon in Love (Sons of Gulielmus #2)

Someone might think that romancing a girl is easy for an incubus, but they would be wrong. Yes, Charles is able to enchant every woman, but the moment any of them touch him, her soul is meant for Hell.

Scattered Links

MULTICUTURAL:  Oksana is almost fourteen and living on the streets of Russia. While some girls her age worry about impressing boys and finding the perfect pair of jeans, she has to worry about her pregnant mom, who’s an alcoholic, and an abusive aunt, who works as a prostitute.


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