Reviews - Contemporary

Spencer Elliott really wants the Big Beautiful Love her parents always talk about, but so far none of the men she’s dated have inspired more than faint interest. Abandoned on a highway during a heat wave after a disastrous date, Spencer stumbles along in search of help and finds herself at Stoney’s gate and finds not only water but possibly the big love she’s always wanted.

The day her longtime boyfriend proposes, Maggie Hale sees a vision of her future if she stays in her hometown, so she does the only thing she can do. Run. Unfortunately, moving to Vegas to join the Essence Dance Theater doesn’t go well, and she ends up as a waitress in a diner, again. 

Cassidy is at the top of her game in the wedding industry, a true premier planner, until the owner’s daughter accuses her of overcharging clients and pocketing the money.  She is desperate and takes a job as a themed funeral planner.  She is also trying to put her life back together after her canceled engagement, when she meets Ryan at his beloved aunt’s funeral.

Relationship Resuscitation

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  Phillip and Jayne Miller have been married for many years. Now that their children have all moved out and are on their own, what is left to occupy their time?  They have fallen into a comfortable way of life on Juniper Court. They deeply love each other, but the romance has become lukewarm, so they decide to turn up the heat.

Must Love Fashion

Gwendolyn Mallory has accepted a position with Prada in their Manhattan location. She’s adding to the executive team with her PR know-how. She needs this job because her husband left her with the house and the mortgage payment. Gwen has a long daily commute, but she is determined to make it all work. Andrew Morgan is her officemate, when he’s not working in the Milan, Italy offices.