On Wings of an Avalanche—A Freedom’s Cry Novel


ADVENTURE:  Dr. Madison Cote is having a rough time while trying to serve the poor residents of Malia as clinic doctor in a struggling charity hospital. She starts with visa troubles and winds up arrested at gunpoint. Her rescue and freedom come at the high price from a warlord — store and traffic his drugs. Then the French embassy requires her to relay intelligence and soon she is caught up as a civilian double agent. If she is found out, it is immediate death. Royal Air Force recruit Chip Chapman is one week from reporting to basic training when he is caught in an avalanche. Soon he finds himself kidnapped in Malia for his pilot skills. He plans to escape until he discovers war crimes too powerful to walk away from. 

This is a unique story, fresh and imaginative. The dialogue flows naturally.  At times, though, the characters seem shallow and give unrealistic, and sometimes inconsistent, behavior. While the blurb tends to read as if a relationship grows between Madison and Chip, they never meet until later. Action moves this story along, not romance. There were some pacing issues where time seems to skip around and a few instances of missing words that slows the story down. However, it concludes with a well-crafted ending, with surprising twists at the satisfying conclusion and all story lines were neatly tied up.

 Emerson Matthews