Three Last First Dates: A Romantic Comedy of Love, Friendship and Even More Cake (Cozy Cottage Cafe Book 3)


CHICK-LIT/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  This is the third book in the Cozy Cottage Café series. Marissa Jones has major commitment phobias and uses endless excuses why not to get serious with any guy. Then her girlfriends challenge her to find "The One" and make a commitment with him. She carefully selects three different men and lines them all up for three first dates on the same day. It seems she might have made her pick and heading for happily-ever-after, until the boyfriend she never got over walks back into her life. 

Initially, the story’s premise and Marissa’s behavior might remind readers of Julia Roberts’ character from the movie The Runaway Bride. This is a light, humorous story with many parts to giggle at.  However, in trying to keep things that way, the author skims over very important elements that would have made the book truly shine. For example, Marissa’s character never actually explains her poor decisions and volitile actions to the people she is hurting.  All one sees is a quick, "Sorry, I messed up." This happens throughout the book but is especially infuriating with the final conflict. No converstaion is shown, no time allowed for understanding and thus, no depth to the story.  The shining light in the story is the men Marissa chose to date.  Each one was fun and unique in his own way. And, the final winner of the challenge made for a satisfying conclusion.

Emerson Matthews