Sweet Water (Destination Billionaire Romance Book 5)


Olivia McAllister and long-time friends Jeff and Hudson were changing the world with their new business, until a huge blowout dissolved their company and their friendship.  Olivia’s life quickly slipped out of control,  and every day continued to get worse. After a car accident smashes her body and her dreams, Olivia wakes in hospital to find Hudson at her bedside.  Through her slow recovery she will discover shocking secrets, be forced to come to grips with a past she has worked hard to bury, and acknowledge that her feelings for Hudson never went away.  However, if she doesn’t accept these truths soon enough, the man she always loved may slip away forever.

The overall tone of "Sweet Water"  is extremely melancholy and reads more as serious women's fiction than strictly a romance.  This is completely fine, so long as readers realize the ‘romance’ side is tertiary to the ‘man vs. self’ plot line.  As for the small romance portion of the story, Olivia is a classic damsel in distress and Hudson her Lancelot.  He is determined to slay all her dragons. When Hudson realizes he can’t do this, he steps back and leaves readers with the remaining story — that of Olivia is coming to grips with her past mistakes and identity crisis.  At times, information was reiterated unnecessarily; however, this was not so tedious as to slow down the plot.  If readers are looking for an intriguing tale of how a strong female lead can turn her life's lemons into lemonade, this is your book!  

MB Rose