Someone Like You


Noah has just left the military to go to New York to get close to his daughter after his wife has moved on to another man. Noah goes to work for his sister’s interior decorating company which is hired to redecorate Grace’s suite, yet sparks fly between her and Noah. Grace battles with her extremely wealthy family, who want her to do as she’s told.  She has a demon in her dreams from a trip to Greece, and when her demon starts to become overwhelming, Noah needs to keep her safe.  They both fight for different things to make their lives whole, but will they do it together or apart?

Noah is a fantastic character who grows through his adjustment to civilian life.  Grace Parker-King is from a family that controls all and has the money to do so.  Grace learns to stare her fears in the face and overcome them throughout this love story that also will have readers laughing at various antics of the characters.  The conflicts keep coming, but they are realistic and not overdone.  At times, the reader may feel like admonishing the antagonists in the story.  The plot is not new; it is a "guy from the wrong side of the tracks" type of story.  The author’s greatness is how the main characters grab the reader’s attention and the way the supporting characters help bring the story full circle. This book is a great read and hard to put down!

Laura Dinsdale