Sexy Bad Boss

Misti Murphy
Tami Lund

Myra has been the personal assistant of James Frost for five years and while she is hopelessly in love with the man, he is completely oblivious — he is so absorbed with the running of his company. He admits he needs Myra in his life, but his need for her never goes beyond a professional level. With all of his siblings falling in love and getting married, the pressure to settle down is high, but he has no time for love or dating. When Myra finally decides to share her feelings with James, something unexpected happens and she ends up having to nurse him back to health for a week. Once she is done playing nursemaid, Myra is determined to quit her job and walk away with whatever dignity she has left.  

This steamy romance is hilarious and absolutely unique in that the big, sexy, rich boss man has no clue of his own allure. He is not a playboy, nor does he even have a clue that his own gorgeous assistant is in love with him. Myra is driven and talented and knows what she wants. The connection between the two sizzles, yet communication was somewhat lacking in a few parts. James was a little too straight-laced in the beginning, but once he opens up, he is all fire and passion and when he thinks he has lost Myra for good, he goes to any length to win her back. Add in an adorable little girl, a goat, a duck and a cat, and you have yourself a smoking hot, witty, adorable and heartwarming romance! 

Dahlia Gosney