Saving Mistletoe


Attorney Ellen Meade is having a bad day. She walks headfirst into a police horse and rider and does it again later that same day. Each time the rider, Officer Burke Tipton, is not thrilled, but he cannot get her whisky eyes out of his mind. Six months later, Ellen’s cousin sets her up on a blind date. She is surprised and pleased to find Burke as her date. She too has been thinking of him since their first collision. On the way to his home, Burke notices a suspicious car at the truck stop and makes a note to investigate should it still be there in the morning. He has no idea the impact that car and its occupants will have on him and Ellen.

“Saving Mistletoe” is a very short, sweet romance with likeable characters. It is refreshing to see Ellen transform from an aggressive criminal attorney to a likeable probate lawyer. Unfortunately, that is all the depth of character displayed in this piece. Burke, although a nice guy, displays very little depth or emotion. Readers should also be aware that the novel itself ends early, with the last ten percent of the book devoted to advertising the author’s other works. There is very little to the climax of the story, it ends almost as soon as it begins. "Saving Mistletoe" is a quick, easy pick-me-up and can easily be read in an afternoon.

Belinda Wilson