Roping His Heart (Destined For Love: Mansions)


WESTERN:  Rachel has dreamed of buying the abandoned mansion located down the road from her parents’ ranch for many years. The mansion has become her sanctuary; a place to read, relax, and imagine what the mansion will look like when it is transformed into a hotel. Patrick lives in the city and has an expanding business which he has worked hard to make successful. When his father passes away, Patrick discovers he is the proud owner of a run-down mansion in a small, ranching town. When their lives collide, Rachel and Patrick discover that even the most well-set plans can change, but will the changes that come their way work out positively for both of them? 

“Roping His Heart” is a spirited, enjoyable contemporary romance novel with likable characters. Although readers may find the characters of Rachel and Patrick pleasant, the development of each personality is not as extensive as possible. Readers may find it somewhat hard to relate to them, resulting in difficulty connecting with Rachel or Patrick. In addition, the characters make life-changing decisions in a matter of weeks which feels rushed. There is no progression to their relationship; one day they are seeing each other for the first time, and the next day, they have made important transformations to their lives. For readers who enjoy a quick, small-town love story, “Roping His Heart” is a good choice.

Tina Donovan