Riverstorm (River Valley #5)


Grant Perry and Liz Teeney were once each other's happily ever after. Ten years later they are thrown together on a big case and fate provides them with a second chance — driving them back to River Valley, where secrets and family mysteries await, some of which could change their lives forever.  "Riverstorm" brings love, mystery, and a little danger together. 

Grant is the character that has the most growth throughout the story. Liz, on the other hand, mainly has to learn to trust Grant again.  Their breakup was several years earlier and although both characters seem to have matured with age and life experience, it is not shown in the story. It is just a presumption as they reminisce about the past and present.  The tale unfolds in a realistic dramatic manner, and author Tess Thompson uses humor as contrast to the dramatic moments for more effect. The characters are missing some depth on various levels and some of the emotion for them is stated more matter of fact or accepted instead of allowing readers to see that bit of raw emotion, which would give them that added dimension.  The final chapters really bring it all together, making this a "feel good" story of redemption, where Grant and Liz can close the wounds from childhood and move forward.

Laura Dinsdale