Queen of Hearts (New Beginnings)

Kathryn R.

CHICK-LIT:  Maryn Medrovovich has finally married the Crown Prince Stephan, and is now ready to embark on the wedded bliss all fairy tales promise.  Now that she is a bona fide princess, Maryn is excited about performing the duties and responsibilities that go with the title.  Instead, she finds herself locked away, prevented from attending all but a few very selective, and massively boring events. Not only that, Maryn finds herself facing an increasing amount of pressure to produce an heir — immediately!  However, it is a bombshell revelation that convinces Maryn to leave her four-month old marriage, and return home. Will she fall right into the arms of her first love? 

This story has a very light, humorous tone, which is a great way to approach serious themes without the heaviness that usually accompanies them. This approach does take away from the story’s depth, as does the brevity of the book.  However, the character development is strong, especially with Maryn, although Stephan needed a little prodding.  In fact, one could become very frustrated with him. Don’t give up on him, ladies! He just might rise to the occasion and redeem himself in a big way. Readers will appreciate the fresh approach to coping with relationship trials and will find themselves cheering for Maryn’s refreshing determination to fight for her marriage.  Overall, this is a short, easy to read, and entertaining twist on the modern fairy tale. 

Julie Whiteley