President Darcy


President William Darcy has no interest in dating while in office. Unfortunately, as someone both wealthy and in power, dissuading women from trying, has become almost automatic. However, when a chance encounter in a back hallway causes Darcy and Elizabeth to collide, nothing will ever be the same for either of them. Red Cross worker Elizabeth Bennett never wanted to come to the White House ball in the first place. Yet, in stopping her sister from embarrassing herself, Elizabeth herself ends up in more than one awkward situation that culminates when the president insults her, and it ends up all over Twitter. Elizabeth eagerly hopes for things to blow over, but as the duo continue to meet and things heat up, keeping their feelings quiet might not be in the cards.

A contemporary retelling of “Pride and Prejudice”, “President Darcy” is a cute if unrealistic take on the classic. As a retelling, most of the plot, characters, and scenes are pulled from the original, but there are a few things that have been sped up or maneuvered to allow for the focus to remain on William and Elizabeth. Yet, in this process, a few things are awkward or unrealistic, such as the secret service forgetting to clear a women’s restroom, or even the entire set up with Wickham. Still, despite the lack of originality and thus predictability of the tale the story is cute, and lovers of the classic should still get a kick out of this rendition.

Sarah E Bradley