Paris Ever After

K.S. R.

Not only is Amy Brodie is suffering from the loss of her best friend, but she has had a huge fight with her husband William — so huge, that she has left him and gone to Paris, France. What she hasn't told Will is that she is four months pregnant. When she sees him again in a hotel in Paris, Amy realizes she must tell him the truth but she refrains from doing so. It has been four months since she has last seen him and she isn’t ready yet. What helps Amy face her life including her pregnancy are the strong lasting friendships of Margaret, Herve and most of all Manu. When an unexpected visitor comes back and Amy confronts Will, will she go back to him or can she continue her life in Paris?

The story brings to life a beautiful place…Paris, making it easily seen in the reader’s mind but the flavor of Paris is strong. Even with this being the second book in the series there is enough background information to understand the book, the characters and their plight. Amy is amazingly realistic: she wants to do the right thing and cares for herself especially since she is pregnant, so readers will like that about her. Amy is also selfish, indecisive and a jerk especially in terms of Manu. She has wonderful friends willing to help her but never seems to see what is right in front of her, even when it comes to her feelings for Manu. The plot twists are quite unexpected which will captivate readers and will crave more stories of everyone involved.

Roslynn Ernst