Reviews - Contemporary

Widow and teacher Beth Bennett is comfortably adjusting to life without her husband and raising her teenage daughters. She also watches over her elderly neighbor, Ella Riley. She is satisfied with the life she has now made for her family until the night Rick “Sonny” Riley shows up on her doorstep, demanding the key to his mother's house.

Chloe Zahn returns to Cherry Springs to be near her soon-to-be-married, and very pregnant,  sister Zoe. Zoe’s fiancé Gabe is the father of Chloe’s thirteen year-old son. Focused on raising her son, Chloe hasn’t dated in years and now wants to help Zoe with the wedding and her baby. Gabe’s cousin, Reardon Lewis, first set eyes on Chloe fourteen years ago and instantly fell in love.

At the End of the Summer

Caroline attends the Burning Ruins concert and after-party with her friend Julia. The guitar player, Joshua, spies Caro in the audience. An instant attraction between them develops, but Caro is focused on her upcoming summer in Rome, where she will be competing in a photography contest.

Give Me a Reason

She has made a decision and accepted her fate as it is her choice and her right, but her childhood best friend has other ideas. In a blink of an eye, Oliver becomes everything she didn’t know she needed.

WESTERN:  Katherine Adams has every detail of her escape from her subdued life on Ruby’s Ranch lined out, but she finds herself torn between her dreams and desires when a handsome horse whisperer rides into town. From the first moment he saw Katherine, he was drawn to her but he has ghosts in his past that could ruin his chances at capturing her heart.