One Last Objection: A Small-Town Romance (Oak Grove series Book 4)


When Michael Bennett is in his hometown for a visit, he pays a visit to friend-with-benefits Maggie James for a night of hot and steamy lovemaking. When Maggie realizes she is pregnant, she’s determined to care for the baby herself.  Her parents taught her that she could not depend on anyone, so she will not.  Michael is committed to doing right by Maggie, if she will let him.  Maggie does her best to keep Michael at arm’s lengths and repeatedly turns down Michael's proposals, but when her health takes a turn, she realizes she can’t do it alone and needs help. Can Michael prove to her that he is in it for better or for worse?

The prologue is a hot and sexy love scene and chapter one opens with pregnancy tests. Both scenes are well written, with pacing that draws the reader in immediately. Unfortunately, the pace slows as Michael’s family enters the story in a whirlwind of names, relations and hints of backstory.  Maggie, stubborn and independent, is highly likeable. Michael, however, is less likeable. His constant hovering and worrying are irritating.  He spends so much of his time asking “What about the baby?” and trying to figure out how to get Maggie to agree to marry him that it is hard to see the emotional spark between the two.  This is the fourth book in a series involving this family and while it stands alone, it would be helpful to read the series to understand what is happening with all the characters.  

Elissa Blabac