Miracle on Aisle Two


Two weeks before Christmas, Madison finds herself without a job due to her boss’ divorce and his ex-wife winning the practice. Already not able to meet her bills, she is distraught trying to figure out how to provide Christmas to her young daughter. She hits a new low trying to scrape together a payment for the items she has on layaway, insisting the store work with her when a kind and handsome stranger, Adam, steps in saving her from humiliation and ensuring Christmas for her daughter. With him now solidly in her life, Madison must come to terms with being worthy of love and the secret Adam wields.

A light-hearted, quick tale to make the reader believe in the good of humanity once again, especially at Christmastime. Unfortunately, the writing is redundant, for example Adam’s sister and ex-wife are described exactly the same way down to using the same turn of phrase. It makes it sound like he had literally married his sister. The story itself is flat, with no climaxing point; the main conflict that should cause angst is small and lasts but a paragraph or two. The personality of Madison is inconsistent—one moment being super protective of her daughter, the next introducing her daughter to a man she has just met. However, this is the Christmas story many plead for, with a person stepping up in kindness then love following quickly behind.

Yannie Sorensen