The Man in the Mirror


After an gas station explosion leaves a John Doe with amnesia and the face of Gentry Wilson’s missing husband, everyone is left wondering what happened to Jake Wilson, and where he has been the last seven years. Unfortunately, the man himself does not have the answers, and despite being attracted to Gentry, nothing she is telling him about his past fits with the flashes of memory he has as he recovers. Is he really Jake Wilson? Why did he abandon his pregnant wife seven years ago, and moreover, if he’s not Jake Wilson, who is he? Why does he have the feeling something bad is stalking him? His future with Gentry is on the line and he will need to find out soon — before the past comes back to haunt all of them.

An excellent contemporary romance with a bit of mystery mixed in, “The Man in the Mirror” is a great story of love and second chances. With a steady pace and alternating perspectives, the story moves along as each character questions both their past and present. The attraction level between the two main characters is both instant and full of steam as they fight to overcome their past hurts and reconcile with the truth. The mystery surrounding Jake Wilson is a bit predictable and the characters, except for the two mains, are straightforward. Still, the plot is well executed and the ending pleasantly happy. This is one contemporary romance readers won’t forget!

Sarah E Bradley