Lizzy's Pride (Second Chances #1)


Liz Bentley is living in fear. It is safer to stay in her tiny apartment than to risk being in the spotlight again. After being convinced by her best friend to come out for lunch, Liz is introduced to Will and her world is turned upside down. The charming bachelor soon persuades Liz to come to work at the restaurant — which proves to be no small feat — and their friendship borders something more. However, both Liz and Will are hiding secrets that could ruin everything. Will their pride get in the way of the truth, or will they learn to trust one another and deal with the problems of the past?

Easily one of the best retellings of Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice”, this first book in the “Second Chances” series gives new life and a totally different spin to the classic. Lizzy is kind, burdened by loss and fears. Will is charming, determined, and more than he seems. The romance is sweet and clean, while the conflict is twofold — one mental and the other a physical threat. Despite the variety of characters, most are flat, and the second conflict is a bit too easily conquered considering the amount of time building it up. Still, the emotions seem to leap off the page, and the truth about Liz’s past will shock the reader. Overall, this contemporary romance is a real winner!

Sarah E Bradley