Last Words

Shari J.

Amelia is torn from her home and brought into a concentration camp. In the depths of cruelty, she finds unexpected compassion. Decades later Amelia asks her granddaughter Emma to read her diary to tell a story kept quiet until now. She is fighting for her life and wants Emma to know what she has been hiding all this time. She tries to teach her that love can come at unexpected times, and when it does you should seize the moment. Emma's grandmother plays matchmaker from the hospital bed for her and a handsome doctor. All the while Emma is learning about Amelia's true love. It helps her reflect on how to find and capture love for herself.

"Last Words" is a delectably haunting tale that profoundly proclaims the hope of true love. A daring story that intricately weaves two time periods together seamlessly. The weighty subject matter is expertly balanced with aspects of endurance and love with humor that is entertaining. The characters are well developed and distinctive, making it so readers will be thinking of them long after the story is over. The romances are poignant, with tantalizing secrets. A few flaws detract from the story. There are biological facts that are not accurate. At the beginning of the book, the portrayal of the Holocaust lacks depth. There is a subplot that is out of place and not needed. The narrative, however, is compelling and brings a unique perspective to history that will leave the reader contemplative.

Jessica Samuelsen