Hotter Than the Caribbean


Pitted against his half-brother Raul for control of their wealthy father’s hotel empire, Luis Serrano reluctantly accepts the lobby redesign task assigned him for the popular family Caribbean resort.  The elder Serrano cleverly divides duties to see which son comes in on time and on budget. The ever-present sibling rivalry between the brothers threatens to destroy not only the project but the Serrano family. 

Two brothers, two mothers, one father, one project. Luis has always been the black sheep of the Serrano family. He is, after all, the bastard child. Doing all he could to gain his father’s acceptance was never good enough, so why should this project make a difference?  Melanie ‘Mel’ Merritt arrives on the island ready to tackle the lobby project.  Business before pleasure goes by the wayside, however, once Mel and Luis meet, throwing a wrench into the project.

Luis is introduced as a business only, sexy alpha male. But within hours of meeting Mel, he does a complete 360 becoming vulnerable and weak, revealing his private and innermost thoughts to her at a dinner meeting. From there, all bets are on that the two have feelings for each other.  The Francine Nash character, the conniving designer on Raul’s team, is unbelievable. A renown and established designer, she is immature and her unwanted sexual advances towards Luis would get her fired in a New York minute in the real world. Aside from that, readers will grow to love Mel and Luis, renegades all the way! Ms. Hoff’s androgynous nicknames for Mel and her sister Denny in a male dominated business world is brilliant!

Layne Lancaster