Home for the Holidays

Christine Bell, Mari Carr, Allison Gatta, MJ Fredrick, Leigh James, Maggie Marr,
Erin Nicholas, Abigail Owen, Mandy Rosko, Amie Stuart

This collection of ten holiday stories will tickle the fancy of readers. There is a little something for all tastes: from a mistaken twin with unexpected feelings in “Switchblade”, to an unusual version of an old fashioned Christmas Carol. There’s the ‘almost’ perfect Christmas in “The Dog Who Stole Christmas” where the neighbor’s pooch finds an unsavory, discarded secret Santa gift. There will be laughter and some tears, but most of all the feeling of Christmas is in each individual story.

A “Wild Irish Christmas” captures the hearts of grown children as a widowed father recounts his courtship with their mother. Pull out the tissues, as this story will hit home with most readers. “Holiday with a Billionaire” leaves readers needing a deeper plot. It’s a quick read with some hot sexting but the deep family scars suffered by wealthy brothers lacks particulars. Most of these stories will delight those who look for New Adult genre books.

“Home for the Holidays” is a collection combining a wide variety of Christmas cheer, all woven together beautifully by friends and family members visiting home. Not all are unique stories and some editing errors are present, but writing styles are similar and transitions are easy between tales. Some lack depth of character but overall still entertain - if one isn’t a personal favorite, move along to the next one. As a whole this set is delightful and spreads the steamy hot, the icy cold and most importantly the love that finds us during the holiday season! 

Viola Robins