Holiday Fling


Monica McHenry is suffering — but it is not just physical pain. Living through the car accident was one thing: a little girl died, Monica was scarred forever, lost her professional baseball career and her fiancé, but the emotional hurt is worse. Now all she wants to do is get away and figure out where it all went wrong, something her handsome neighbor for the holidays, Creed Jackson, will not allow. 

Despite her aching heart, Monica finds her eyes roaming over Creed. She finds her mind drifting to thoughts of him. But considering the last guy she gave herself to left her, how could she even toy with the idea of love again? Not to mention, Creed’s a small time country boy and she’s a sports celebrity. Could it ever work?

“Holiday Fling” is a story about being broken and learning to walk again. The author develops Monica so that she feels like a real person. Though the story is a romance, the center of the plot isn’t about finding love but about Monica finding herself again. Many of the supporting characters are well written, too, adding humor and support to Monica when needed. Where the story fell short is in the male lead. Creed is completely formed around Monica which causes him to come off as one-dimensional. Because the reader doesn’t know who Creed is as a character, his actions seem like plot devices. Also, the author frequently relies on phrases and contractions which affected the clarity of the writing. Though not a page-turner, “Holiday Fling” is a nice read about getting knocked down and yet standing back up.

Jacey Lee