Her Bluegrass Beau


Karri Taylor ends her relationship with her boyfriend Brent and escapes from California to Willow Creek, Kentucky to settle affairs of her Great Aunt Alma’s estate. Upon arriving in Kentucky, Karri can’t find her aunt’s house, and ends up at Jake Duncan’s house instead. Karri is at first uncertain of Jake but with his offer to help her find her aunt’s place, Karri decides to trust him. As Jake helps Karri adjust to Kentucky life, the cold temperatures and the company that wants Alma’s farm, Karri cannot help but slowly fall for him. Jake doesn’t mind Karri’s presence, helping her out or even taking her out for dinner, and through his generosity Karri realizes how truly wonderful the people are there, especially Jake. Can Karri be able to leave Kentucky including Jake even when she has fallen in love with him?

The wonderful little story moves steadily and nicely. Readers will be swept away and enchanted by the true imagery of Kentucky and its people. However, when the setting moves to California, the description is lacking. On occasion, the characters change names causing some confusion of whom the book is talking about. Karri is a warm, loving compassionate heroine who truly cares for the outcome of her aunt’s farm. Despite Karri’s little deception in concerning her boyfriend in California, readers will still like and forgive her because of her willingness to be truthful to Jake. Of course, readers will fall for Jake immediately. The quintessential gracious Southern gentleman is truly perfect, especially when he repeatedly saves Karri. He just treats everyone, including animals, with respect. 

Roslynn Ernst