Delilah’s Desserts

Melanie Jacobson, Heather B. Moore,
Julie Wright

Delilah, Dexy, and KC are just three women trying to live their lives when love comes their way. Delilah accidently runs into an old flame, KC finds love in an unexpected place, while Dexy learns that it is okay to let love in. Love is not the only thing in the air, however — something strange and possibly magical is at play. With so much going on in their lives, these women will have to decide what is best for them while also discovering things about themselves they never knew before. 

“Delilah’s Desserts” is a sweet treat for readers. With three spunky female leads and three handsome love interests, readers with a taste for romance will be in for a fun and exciting ride. One issue the book has, however, is that characters are not always consistent in their personalities. Reading a character’s inner dialogue, readers will get a sense of who that character is, later to have that character’s actions completely confuse them. Because of this contrast, the characters as well as parts of the plot line can not only be confusing but frustrating as well. However, the book has a charm all its own, and will leave readers with a smile on their face as well as a bit of a sweet tooth.

Hannah Hurdle