Deep Blue


ACTION ADVENTURE:  Dr. Grace Mann grew up with sharks — great whites, to be exact. Her father was a shark researcher, and Grace has followed in his footsteps — she lives and breathes everything shark. After free diving with a great white, a photo of her touching the shark goes viral and she is instantly well known. The institute she works for wants to take advantage of her rising star and film a documentary about the sharks.

Alec Galloway is an underwater filmmaker who wants the opportunity to film Grace. He is a huge Grace fan and he wouldn’t mind getting to know her better while filming. Hired as filmmaker for the documentary he, Grace and the rest of the crew head off to Guadalupe Island for a three-week expedition. Will Grace’s passion for the great white come across on film, or will her focus on the sharks get her killed? Will her and Alec’s blooming relationship become Grace’s focus or will she be able to share her passion with both?

SHARK!!! A hunky filmmaker and great whites, what’s not to love? Ms. McCaffrey has done an extensive amount of research into the world of sharks, and this story reflects that — almost to its disadvantage. The info given about sharks almost overpowers the story, making the character’s blossoming relationship a subplot. One will learn a lot about sharks and free diving (not a bad thing), but that makes it harder to connect with the characters. The narrative is well written and one won't have to worry about getting seasick, so take a load off and give it a read!

Lynne Bryant