Christmas with Niagara (Cindy's Crusades #5)

Susan Jean

After an enchanting meeting at Niagara Falls brought Jace and Niagara together, their relationship is moving on to the next step. As the holidays approach the pair are planning their future, but neither of them expect the sudden arrival of a brother Niagara never knew she had. New challenges can make or break a relationship. Will having an additional member of Niagara’s family in their lives propel them forward or uncover new problems? A road trip back to the falls should help them sort through it, but nothing in life comes easy, not even true love.

A sweet contemporary novella, “Christmas with Niagara” is a sequel story and spin off in the “Cindy’s Crusades” series and as such, the stories should be read in order to get the most out of it. As a spin-off novella, this story is quick paced, builds on the existing relationship, and has minor conflict, as the couple is mostly just making decisions about their future. The inclusion of a character with disabilities provides some welcome diversity and the romance is very sweet, but due to length and the nature of this tale, it is rather predictable and is not really meant to stand on its own. Still, as viewed as an extension of earlier tales, “Christmas with Niagara” is a sweet holiday tale that fans of this series should definitely check out.

Sarah E Bradley